Commissioning Nest Wifi to an existing Thread network

As Thread certified products, the Google Nest Wifi router and Wifi point are equipped with the ability to join an existing Thread network and participate as a Thread router. The process of providing the credentials needed for the Nest Wifi router or point to join a Thread network is called commissioning. 

Using the Android Thread 1.1 commissioning app

The following steps are required to join Google Nest Wifi router or point to an existing Thread network using the Android Thread 1.1 commissioning app:

  1. Factory reset Nest Wifi router/point by holding down the reset button located on the bottom of the device for 10 seconds.
  2. Snap a photo of the QR code and use a QR code decoder to obtain the text from the code, which should look something like the following:
    1V:E100$P:4$R:1$D:190916$S:99170EXAN007P3$L:6416660047356EF7$H:6EF7.ybd$C:LL1W91HN$ Note the 16-digit hexadecimal value between $L: and $H:. This is the Thread EUI-64. Note also the 5-digit alphanumeric value between $C: and $. This is the setup code. Both are required for the Thread commissioning process.
  3. Download the Thread 1.1 commissioning app onto your Android mobile device from the Google Play Store. [Note that Android 7 or earlier is supported.]
  4. Launch the application and select a Thread border router on the existing Thread network from the list of available border routers, and enter the commissioning passphrase configured for the Thread network.
  5. Enter the EUI-64 and setup code noted earlier in step 2 into the fields provided.
  6. Power cycle the Nest Wifi router/point. Within 60 seconds, you should see that the Nest Wifi router/point has joined the existing Thread network.

Using a Linux or MacOS command line (advanced users)

You may use a command line OpenThread tool, wpanctl, to commission the Nest Wifi router/point onto an existing Thread network. Follow the steps above, replacing steps 3–5 as follows:

  1. Ensure that the Thread device is a router that is part of the existing network.
  2. Issue the following commands to open a 5-minute commissioning window:
    $ wpanctl commissioner start $ wpanctl commissioner joiner-add <eui-64> 300 <setup-code> replacing <eui-64> and <setup-code> with the EUI-64 and setup code noted earlier in step 2.
  3. Before the 5-minute commissioning window expires, proceed to step 6, above.
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