How to plug in Nest Wifi point

To provide Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home, the connection between each point needs to be strong. Make sure the Nest Wifi router and points are evenly spread out but not too far from each other.

  1. Start at your router.
  2. Now, think about where else you want a strong Wi-Fi signal in your home. Place your point about halfway in that direction, but no more than 2 rooms away from your router or another point.
    • If you’re setting up a Nest Wifi point, this location will also be where you'll interact with the Google Assistant.
    • Place your point in an open area and avoid placing it near other objects that will physically block your signal.
  3. Find a nearby wall outlet. Make sure the power adapter is connected to your point, then plug the other end into the outlet. If you’re setting up a Nest Wifi point, the point’s light will pulse to indicate that it’s powering on.

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