Google Nest Wifi router or Google Wifi point doesn't have QR code

Each Google Nest Wifi device or Google Wifi point has a unique QR code Scan QR code button in the Creative Preview app printed on a label on the bottom of the device. When setting up a new router or point, you need to scan this code with your phone’s camera in order to connect your phone to the device.

If the QR code label is missing or you’re unable to scan it with your phone, you can manually retrieve a Google Nest Wifi router or Google Wifi point code and enter the QR code into the Google Home or Google Wifi app.

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, connect a computer directly to the router or Google Wifi point that's missing the QR code label.
  2. Open your computer’s web browser and go to
  3. Look for the “setupNetwork” section of the output.
  4. Find the “ssid” (this will be the name of the setup Wifi network) and the “psk” (this will be the password used to connect).

screen capture QR setupNetwork lost lable

  1. Manually connect to the SSID and enter the psk to connect to the Wifi point and begin the setup process.

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