Test mesh connection

The mesh test measures the connection between your primary Wifi point (the one connected to your modem) and any additional Wifi points. The stronger that connection is, the better your Wi-Fi will be throughout your house.

Note: This test is only available if you have multiple Wifi points.

To run a mesh test:

  1. Open the Google Wifi app.
  2. Tap the   tab, then Network check.
  3. On the network check screen, tap Test mesh.
  4. The results will show the connections of all your Wifi points. If one or more has a weak connection, the app will tell you. To see these results, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select Details
  5. Tap Redo to test your mesh connection again. When you’ve finished, tap Done.

What the results mean

Once your mesh test is concluded, you’ll see one of three ratings, 'Great', 'OK' or 'Weak'. Here’s what those ratings translate to:

Rating Speed
Great More than 100 Mbps
OK Between 50 and 100 Mbps
Weak Less than 50 Mbps


Overall performance also depends on Internet speed

You can have the best router in the world, but if the Internet connection provided by your ISP is slow, you’ll still have slow performance.

General rule: If you have a good Wi-Fi speed and you're happy with your download speed, you're fine.

How to improve a weak mesh connection

If your Wifi point has a weak mesh connection, try moving it closer to your primary Wifi point (the one connected to your modem). Wifi points work best when they’re no more than two rooms apart. Also, make sure there aren’t any objects like thick walls or furniture blocking your Wifi points.

Sometimes you need to move a different Wifi point that’s not 'weak' in order to improve the weak Wifi point’s performance.

Where should I put my Wifi point?

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