About Family Wi-Fi

Stay on top of your children's screen time with Family Wi-Fi on the Google Home or Google Wifi app.

Pause Wi-Fi access on demand

With Wi-Fi pause, you decide when your children have access to the Internet on their devices. Keep your children on task by pausing Wi-Fi for a group of devices in your mobile app or by voice through the Google Assistant. Learn more.

Schedule Internet time-outs

Stop worrying if your children are killing time online instead of sticking to their regular routine. Use groups in Family Wi-Fi to schedule Wi-Fi pauses during those predictable busy times like bedtime or homework time. Learn more.

Automatically block millions of adult websites

Rest a little easier with site blocking. Use groups to set up site blocking, which uses Google’s SafeSearch technology to prevent millions of adult websites from showing on your children’s devices. Learn more.

Control multiple devices with groups

With groups, you can manage several devices together so that you can pause, turn on site blocking or create schedules with just a few taps. Learn more.

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