Family Wi-Fi

Say goodbye to online distractions. Pause the internet during dinner, while the kids get ready for school, or just before bed. With Family Wi-Fi, you can create labels to pause several devices with a single tap, and schedule pauses to automatically pause the internet for events like bedtime. 

Set up Family Wi-Fi

  1. Open the Google Wifi app and tap the tab.
  2. Tap the the Family Wi-Fi icon.
  3. After reading the Family Wi-Fi intro, tap Set up.
  4. Tap Create to create a label.
    • Labels let you pause several devices with a single tap. You can create a label for an individual child e.g. “Nick” or one for a group e.g. “Family.”

  5. Create a label name, and tap Next.
  6. Choose the devices you would like to add to the label, and tap Next. (What if I can't find my device?)
  7. To create another label, tap New label, otherwise tap Continue.
  8. Tap Schedule pauses to create a scheduled pause or Not Now to finish.

Create a scheduled pause

Automatically pause the Internet for everyday events like your kids’ bedtime or family dinners. Just create a schedule, select the labels to apply the schedule to, and -- voila -- devices you choose will go offline and come back online, all without lifting a finger.

  1. Open the Google Wifi app and tap the tab. 
  2. Tap the Family Wi-Fi icon , tap Schedules, then the icon (if you haven’t already created labels, you’ll be prompted to do so).
  3. After reading the Schedule Pauses intro, tap Set Up.
  4. Choose a preset or create a custom schedule.
  5. Select your start and end time, then tap Next.
  6. Choose which days you'd like the schedule to occur, the tap Next.
  7. You have successfully scheduled a pause. Tap Done.
  8. To continue with site blocking, tap Block sites. Learn more.

Now that you're all set, open the app again if you ever need to view upcoming schedules, skip or delay the start of them for that day only, or end a schedule early.

You can do this from your card feed or from Family Wifi settings. Tap the Family Wi-Fi icon , tap Schedules, then the three dots [] to the right of your schedule.

Skip or delay upcoming schedules

For an upcoming schedule, tap Skip to skip it or Delay 30min to delay its start time.

End active schedules early

For an active schedule, tap End now to end it.

Using Family Wi-Fi Pause

Pause and set end times for a label or specific devices on demand.

Pause and resume a label

You can pause one label in the Shortcuts tab or multiple labels in the Family Wi-Fi screen. Tap the pause button next [] to a label to pause all of its devices. They will remain paused until you resume them.

When a label is paused, the status bar beneath it will say so and the pause button will be purple.

Pause and resume a specific device

In the Family Wi-Fi screen, tap the Devices section. Then tap pause button [] next to a device to pause it.

When a device is paused, a status bar beneath it will say so and the pause button will be purple. A paused device will also jump to the top of your device list.

Add an end time

After pausing a device or label, tap the device or label’s name. Then tap Add end time and select a specific time to resume Wi-Fi.

Choose from 1, 2, 4 hours from now, Until morning (6:00 AM) or a Custom time.

Keep in Mind

If you pause your own device, you won't be able to access Wi-Fi on that device.


When should I use Family Wi-Fi pause?

Whenever your family needs a break from online distractions. Pause the internet overnight, during dinner, or when the kids need to get ready for school.

How do I delete a label?


  1. Open Family Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Tap the label you want to delete.
  3. Tap the three dots [] in the upper-right corner.
  4. Tap Delete.
I can’t find my device when creating a label. What now?

For help on finding your devices, follow the instructions here.

Can I choose which device to pause?

Yep. You can pause the internet on a single device or a group of devices. All your other devices will stay online. You can also pause a label and individual devices on top of that.

Oops, I paused my own device. How can I reconnect it to Wifi?

Here are a few ways to get your paused device back online:

  • If you’re on a device with a data plan, turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and use your data to access the Google Wifi app. Then re-open the Wifi app and resume your device.
  • If you have access to another device with the Google Wifi app installed, resume your device from there.
  • Tether a Wi-Fi connection from a phone or hotspot in your house and connect your device to it. Then re-open the app to resume yourself.
  • Find another location with available Wi-Fi to connect and resume your device.
Can I pause more than one device at a time?

Absolutely. Just create a label and add whatever devices you want. Pausing a label will pause the internet for all of its devices.

What does "End pause on all" do?

It will end the pause on all your devices that are currently paused in a Scheduled Pause or through manually pausing the label or device. Your devices in Scheduled Pauses will pause again at the next scheduled time. You can click “End pause on all” from the three dots [] in the upper-right corner of any screen in the Family Wi-Fi section of the app.

What if one device is shared by multiple kids?

You can create a label like “kids” with all their shared devices. But note: Devices can only have one label.

I tried to pause a device, but it didn't work. What gives?

Most internet activity will pause immediately after you press the pause button. However, some things like video streaming will continue to play for up to a few minutes after the device has been paused. Some video chatting apps may also continue after the pause session has been initiated. If your devices aren’t pausing the way you’d expect it to, please send us feedback via the app.

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