Adding OnHub as a mesh Wifi point

Note: OnHub routers are not compatible with Google Nest Wifi. 

If you have an OnHub, we recommend using it as the primary Wifi router in your network, then adding Google Wifi points to expand coverage. See how Google Wifi works with OnHub.

How do I switch my primary Wifi point?

If you have already set up a Google Wifi point as the primary Wifi point and want to make your OnHub the primary Wifi point, you will need to factory reset both the Google Wifi point and OnHub.  Then, restart set up with the OnHub as the primary and then add any Google Wifi devices as mesh point(s).

Have multiple OnHubs?

If you have multiple OnHubs and want to create a mesh Wi-Fi network with them, it's possible.You can set them up in the Google Wifi app. First, add one OnHub as the primary router and then add other(s) as mesh Wifi points. If you have issues, try factory resetting your devices or searching the Community forum.

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