Introducing Google Wifi

When it comes to Wi-Fi in your home, your time and effort should go towards enjoying all that the Internet has to offer. That’s why we designed Google Wifi.

Google Wifi 3-pack

What Google Wifi does (and why it's cool)

  • Google Wifi is a new type of home Wi-Fi system that replaces your traditional router and provides seamless, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home. You’ll still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and modem to connect to the Internet.
  • You can quickly set up multiple Google Wifi devices (we call them 'Wifi points') to bring the Internet to exactly where you want it – a guest room, workshop or treehouse. For a refresher on Wi-Fi terms and concepts, take a look at our Wi-Fi basics.
  • Google Wifi is built on our mesh Wi-Fi technology. Once you set up your mesh network, each Google Wifi point creates a high-powered connection and they work together to determine the best path between points for your data. The result is fast Wi-Fi everywhere in your house, not just right next to the router. You can even roam throughout the house while on a video call or while streaming a film without the signal dropping.

Requirements: What you need to use Google Wifi

In addition to at least one Google Wifi point, and the Ethernet cable and power adaptor that come with it, you need:

  • A modem. Google Wifi is a router, not a modem. Your primary Wifi point needs to be connected to a modem with an Ethernet cable (provided). Additional Wifi points are wireless; they only need to be connected to a power socket (although they can be connected to each other via Ethernet, if you prefer).
         Note: If you have a modem + router combo from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you'll need to connect your primary Google Wifi point to that device. Then, we recommend that you turn off your modem and router's Wi-Fi functionality to ensure that all of your devices are connected to Google Wifi's network.
  • Broadband connection to your ISP
  • A Google Account
  • Google Wifi app for Android 4 and up, or iOS 9 and up.

Note: We strongly recommend purchasing Google Wifi from the country where you'll be using it. Since wireless regulations vary by country, you may experience compatibility issues if you move your Wifi device(s) to a different country, and Google will be unable to offer support. If you're setting up a mesh network, we recommend purchasing all of your Wifi points in the same country.

Frequently asked questions

Take a look at this list of common questions to learn more about Google Wifi.

What makes Google Wifi different?

  • Traditional routers weren’t designed for all the different ways that we use Wi-Fi today. Walls and distance make it difficult for a single router to send a strong signal to every room in your home, resulting in slow Wi-Fi and dead zones.
  • Google Wifi is a new type of home Wi-Fi system that allows you to use the Internet in more places in your home.
  • On top of great coverage, Google Wifi's Network Assist technology actively manages and optimises your Wi-Fi network behind the scenes so that you don’t have to. Google Wifi keeps your signal strong by intelligently transitioning you to the best Wifi point as you move throughout your home, and the right Wi-Fi channel to avoid congestion.
  • Need more coverage? Place additional Wifi points in different rooms for fast Wi-Fi in every corner of your home. We recommend putting them out in the open, about 1-2 rooms apart.
  • With the Family Wi-Fi features available on the Google Wifi app, you decide when your children have access to the Internet on their devices. Pause Wi-Fi on your children's devices on demand or on a regular schedule, and automatically block access to millions of adult websites.

Will Google Wifi work with my existing setup?

  • Each Google Wifi point is a router that’s designed to work with your existing ISP and modem.

  • Google Wifi can only create a mesh network with Google Wifi and OnHub* routers. If you have a non-compatible router (such as a Cisco, Linksys or Netgear router), it won’t mesh with your Google Wifi points.
  • Google Wifi will work with most connected wireless devices including tablets, printers and smart appliances. Although most devices are compatible with Google Wifi, there are a few that aren’t.

Learn about setting up Google Wifi

*OnHub routers are only available in the US and Canada.

How many Google Wifi points do I need?

Wi-Fi signals depend on many factors; here’s an estimate of how many Wi-Fi points you might need for your home:

Number of Wifi points Home size*
1 Up to 85 sq. metres
2 85 - 170 sq. metres
3+ More than 170 sq. metres


If you have a larger home, you can add even more Wifi points and they will all work seamlessly together. You may also need additional Wifi points if your home is long and narrow or has thick walls.

Find out more about where to place your Google Wifi points.

How many Wifi points can connect to one another?

Use the square footage guidelines above to help you determine how many Wifi points you might need to cover your home.
For medium to larger homes, we recommend first setting up your network with a Google Wifi 3-pack. If you find that certain areas of your home still need additional Wi-Fi coverage, you can add additional Wifi points in those areas. You can have a maximum of 32 points in a mesh network, though it’s unlikely you’ll need anything close to that.
We also recommend placing your Google Wifi points about 2 rooms away from one another for the best signal.
Where can I buy Google Wifi and how much does it cost?

Where can I get Google Wifi?

Google Wifi is available online and in stores.

In the U.K.:


In Ireland:

How much does it cost?

In the U.K.:

  • Single Google Wifi point: RRP £129
  • 2-pack: RRP £229

In Ireland:

  • Single Google Wifi point: 139 €
  • 3-pack: 359 €

Can I use Google Wifi as an extender?

Google Wifi cannot be used as an extender for your current router. Google Wifi replaces your router with one or more Google Wifi points.

Does the Google Wifi app turn my phone into a wireless hotspot? 

You'll use the Google Wifi app to set up, control and monitor the Google Wifi mesh router system. The app alone doesn't provide a Wi-Fi connection.

Will Google Wifi work with IoT (Internet of Things) devices, such as smart light bulbs?

Absolutely. Most of your Wi-Fi connected devices can connect to a Google Wifi network. See incompatible devices.

Are Google Wifi points wireless? Do I need an Ethernet cable?

Your primary Wifi point needs to be connected to a modem with an Ethernet cable (provided). Additional Wifi points do not; they only need to be connected to a power socket (although they can be connected to each other via Ethernet, if you prefer).
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