Everyone connected to your Google Wifi networks (primary and guest) can enter “On.Here” into a browser on a phone, tablet, or computer and check all of the devices that are available on the guest network. For example, guests who are using your Wifi network, can control Philips Hue lights directly with On.Here without needing a separate app.

Note: On.Here is not available for Google Nest Wifi, Google Wifi or OnHub networks that have been set up in the Google Home app. 

Find available devices

Once connected to a Google Wifi point, enter “On.Here” into any web browser on your mobile device or computer. You’ll find a list of devices that are available for use. When a device is selected, you’ll either be able to control it within the browser (like with Philips Hue lights) or its companion app will open if installed on your mobile device.

Make devices available

On.Here will be automatically enabled for your main and guest networks (if set up).

To make devices available:

  1. Open the Google Wifi app .
  2. Tap the Settings and actions tab  and then Home control.
  3. Under “Controllable devices,” set up any device you’d like to make available.

You can also make devices available when you set up Guest Wi-Fi.


Why isn’t my device in the device list? Why can’t I share my device?

Currently, not all devices are supported by Guest Wi-Fi. But we’re continually working to grow the list of compatible devices. Let us know which devices you would like to share.

Can I turn off On.Here?

No. On.Here is automatically enabled for both your main and guest networks. Only shared devices will show up on On.Here.

Are shared devices available on both my main and guest networks?

Yes. Shared devices will show up on both the primary and guest networks (if set up).

Can I share my Philips Hue device from the Guest network settings on the Google Wifi app?

No. Go to the Home control section in the settings menu to enable Philips Hue control.

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