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Google Wifi points

Google Wifi points are available in a 3 pack or individually. They are compatible with the Google Wifi app. How many do I need?



OnHub comes in two models: one from TP-Link and another from ASUS. Both are compatible with the Google Wifi companion app.

How are these OnHubs different?

Both are powerful AC1900 routers and work with the Google Wifi app. But each has a different exterior design, along with two key differences: the antenna and Wave control.

OnHub from TP-Link features a front-facing antenna reflector that acts like a satellite dish, enhancing Wi-Fi range in that direction.

OnHub from ASUS lets you control your OnHub with a wave over the top. Streaming a movie? Wave to prioritize a device like Chromecast to make sure it has enough Wi-Fi bandwidth for your movie experience. Learn more about Wave control.

OnHub safety and regulatory information

OnHub from TP-LINK and ASUS have both been tested and found to comply with FCC regulations. More information can be found on the TP-LINK and ASUS websites.

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