Wave control

Wave Control lets you turn on Priority Device with a simple wave of your hand over OnHub. Once Wave Control is turned on, each wave over your OnHub will automatically prioritize the pre-selected device for the preset amount of time. Learn more about what happens after you wave.

Turn on Wave Control

Note: Wave Control is only available for OnHub from ASUS. It is off by default.

1. Open the Google Wifi app.

2. Tap the settings tab, then Network & general.

3. Under 'Network,' select your OnHub.

4. Under 'Network device settings,' tap your OnHub.

5. Tap Wave control.

6. Switch the toggle ON.

5. Tap Choose device to configure the Priority Device settings.

6. Choose the device you want to prioritize and then a time limit. Tap Save.

Wave over your OnHub to start Priority Device. A single relaxed pass of your hand (or any object really) 5 inches above your OnHub will do the trick. Not too fast -- avoid karate chops :).

Ways to avoid accidental wave activation:

  • Watch out for any objects like blankets and pieces of clothing that pass over or brush your OnHub’s top.
  • Steer clear of placing the top of your OnHub near reflective surfaces like glass and shiny metals. They might prevent wave detection or cause accidental activation.
  • For optimum Wave performance, make sure there aren’t any fixtures like shelves directly above your OnHub. 10 inches of open space above your OnHub is a good buffer.
  • Where’s Whiskers? A curious cat pawing at your OnHub can accidentally activate Wave Control. On the other hand, if you trained your cat to do this, kudos.

Note: The wave is detected with a proximity sensor located on the top of your OnHub. It detects objects and motion above your OnHub, but does not capture images or visual data.

What happens after you wave

After waving, OnHub's light will blink teal to indicate that Priority Device has been successfully activated.

Waving again before the time limit has finished will restart the prioritization. For example, if the time limit is 2 hours and you wave again an hour in, it prioritizes the device for 2 hours starting then. It doesn't add 2 hours to the remaining time.

You can change the settings any time you want by going through the setup process (see above). Ending the prioritization can also be performed via the app.

If you wave and the pre-selected priority device is not online, nothing will happen. When the priority device comes online, it will prioritize for the remaining time period.

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