Wifi point is offline/light is orange

Here are some steps to help get your Wi-Fi network online.

Check the Ethernet cable

Sometimes loose, disconnected or damaged cables can cause connection issues.

  1. Make sure the provided Ethernet cable is connected securely to your Wifi point’s WAN port (the lower port next to the icon.) Check that the other end of the Ethernet cable is connected securely to your modem.
  2. Make sure your modem is powered on and cables are secure.
  3. Make sure your modem connected to the Internet.

Restart Google Wifi and modem

Turning your modem off and on fixes some connection issues. To restart your modem, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect power from Google Wifi and your modem.
  2. Wait until all of the LED lights on both devices are off. This will confirm that the devices no longer have power.
  3. Reconnect power to your modem only.
  4. Wait until your modem is fully powered on and all the indicator lights are back on. This can take about 2 mins.
  5. Reconnect power to Google Wifi and wait until it's fully on. This can take up to 1 min.
  6. If you're setting up Google Wifi, close the Google Wifi app and re-open it to attempt setup.
Even if your modem seems to be working, you may need to restart it. A modem is usually provided by your Internet service provider to establish a connection to your Internet service.

Call your Internet service provider

If you continue to have connection issues, contact your Internet service provider (ISP). Here’s what to ask your ISP:

  • Did the Internet settings change (e.g. a new static IP or PPPoE username/password)?
  • Is there an Internet service outage in my area?
  • Have there been any other network service changes?
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