I connected but didn't get an IP address

If you didn't receive an IP address after connecting to Google WiFi, it is usually a symptom of trying to access Google WiFi where there is limited signal strength. Please make sure you are accessing the network from a location with strong signal, such as outdoors or in the Mountain View Public Library. Please reference the following map (may load slowly) for known locations where the Google WiFi signal is not available.

Another possibility is that the Google servers are down or unreachable. If that is the case, Google will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

You may wish to visit our section on Accessing Google WiFi indoors, which contains useful information about using WiFi modems, which will help you to receive and transmit the Google WiFi signal.

If you are already using a WiFi modem, and experience this problem, we suggest locating the WiFi modem in a new window or other location, based on the signal strength your WiFi modem is reporting.