WiFi access with no login

When you log in to your Google account, GoogleWiFi will remember your identity for up to two weeks. It is, therefore, possible for you to access GoogleWiFi without logging in each time. For your convenience, you can check the box next to Remember me on this computer when you log in. This feature will allow you to skip the login process for two weeks.

If multiple users have access to your computer, and you would like to ensure that each user logs in with their own Google account information, sign out of your Google account at the end of each of your Internet sessions. To sign out of your Google account, click your email address near the top-right of any Google screen (for example, Gmail, Calendar, Search, Google+) and click Sign out.

After signing out of your Google account, you can continue surfing the Internet using GoogleWiFi. However, when you close your browser, the next user to access GoogleWiFi with that computer must log in.