I'm not getting a Google WiFi signal

Although Google WiFi aims to provide a high-speed connection, there are several reasons why you might not receive a strong signal:

  • Location: The Google WiFi signal strength may vary depending on your location. Some areas may be obstructed by buildings or trees. The network is also not compatible with indoor usage. We suggest that you find an acceptable Google WiFi network connection.

    You can reference our map (may load slowly) to confirm that Google WiFi is available from your current location. If you find that you are located in an area with limited or no signal strength, change your location, if possible.

  • Network Configuration: Google WiFi does not use WEP, WPA, or 802.1x encryption. Please ensure that your security encryption is disabled in your network preferences. You might also need to enable your DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address from this service. This is the default setting, so if you have not made any changes, no action is required. If you have recently made any network configuration changes, you might not receive a signal. If that occurs, try reversing any configuration changes you might have made.

  • Google Network Association: Please ensure that Google WiFi appears in your wireless network profiles. We suggest that you try to connect to the network manually.