Google WiFi coverage

The goal of Google WiFi is to cover the entire city of Mountain View, California, with our GoogleWiFi network. The GoogleWiFi network is primarily an outdoor network. Exceptions are inside the Mountain View Public Library, Mountain View City Hall, and the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts, where we have installed WiFi access points inside to ensure good coverage throughout those buildings.

There might be areas where the signal is not received within the city limits. This could be due to lack of mounting assets (no city-owned light poles). Additionally, obstructions, such as buildings or trees, make it difficult to send/receive our signal. As obstructions are constantly changing, you might find additional smaller areas where the GoogleWiFi signal is limited or unavailable over time or where it becomes available due to the removal of a previous obstruction.

Please reference our map of Google WiFi nodes (might load slowly) to determine whether GoogleWiFi is available from your present location.