How to determine if Android device is security Level 1 or Level 3

What are device security levels? What are they used for? Information about Widevine device security levels can be here.

Widevine Classic OS Level Client

Using the Android DRM framework, the DrmManagerClient.acquireDrmInfo() method can be used the return the following values for WVDrmInfoRequestStatusKey:

private final static long DEVICE_IS_PROVISIONED = 0;
private final static long DEVICE_IS_NOT_PROVISIONED = 1;
private final static long DEVICE_IS_PROVISIONED_SD_ONLY = 2;

  • A factory provisioned L1 device will return DEVICE_IS_PROVISIONED
  • An L1 device that isn't provisioned will return DEVICE_IS_NOT_PROVISIONED
  • An L3 device that is field provisioned will return DEVICE_IS_PROVISIONED_SD_ONLY
  • An L3 device that isn't field provisioned (would only happen if there is a hardware or integration error) would return DEVICE_IS_NOT_PROVISIONED

Widevine Modular DRM CDM

Please contact Widevine, for the Modular DRM Vendors Extension document for Android.

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