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Make Ad Experience Report Status to PASSING but ads still blocked I have fixed my website (http://www.avhee.com/) issue and now Ad Experience Report status have chang… About a message that stopped showing ads Hello dear A new message has been received regarding Google Chrome's stop advertising on 09/07/2019 … google dropping ad positions Is anyone else unhappy about google dropping ad positions? I think they could have left it in and we…
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Pop-up ads allowed only if users are idle 30+ seconds? On your page: Desktop ad experiences https://support.google.com/webtools/answer/7129127?hl=en, there… Is this Scroll Up format in Comply with Better Ads standards? (Desktop and Mobile) Is this Scroll Up format in Comply with Better Ads standards? (Desktop and Mobile) We were working o…
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How to confirm website in Ad Experience Report? Hi all, I've tried to use Ad Experience report, but it wasn't successfull. What was done: I've verif…
Submit Violations to Google If you have found experiences that meet the criteria of the Better Ads Standards, please submit feed…
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من سه روز است گدرواژهام وجی میل ام را تغیر دادم البته به دستور شما وای هنوز در سیستم شما گذر وتژه قش من کلیه عکسها و مدارکم توسط گوگل در هفته پیش برداشته شد این حریم خصوصی میباشد ما که در تانزانیا زنگی… Is "view pictures" considered to be "feature that do not work"? Hi! I´ve found similar question already but left without any answer so: There is some confusion whet…
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Pourquoi Google faire apusive Pourquoi Google faire apusive
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Pop up ad is not being accepted Hi, We have a pop-up ad that can be closed immediately upon loading, which falls under the Better Ad…
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How do your respond? I got a notification from Google Adsense that, Google Chrome has applied better ads standards throug…
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Update: Subdomains and the Public Suffix List Please note this new process for sites that need subdomains to be reviewed separately (from the Help…
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How to submit your site for review using the Ad Experience Report verified my property watched the ad experience report It is unclear to me if this process is trigger… Ad Experience Report not showing my site URL property Good Evening Google Team, Please o just discovered that my site URL property is not listed in the Ad… Can someone validate this full screen? We have developed a way to display full screen that we think it works. Can someone please validate? …
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