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Are Exit Popup Allowed on Mobile: (a) when the user starts to leave the page (without interfering with the user’s departure); (b) if t…
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Pop-up ads allowed only if users are idle 30+ seconds? On your page: Desktop ad experiences https://support.google.com/webtools/answer/7129127?hl=en, there… Does Google Ad Experience Report API collect the Advertising Review result of all web sites? With my understanding,There are two ways to check the Ad Experience Report of websites. ①Using Googl… Still not reviewed? Hello. I submitted a website to the Ad Experience Report. It is in Status: Not reviewed since 2 days…
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About a message that stopped showing ads Hello dear A new message has been received regarding Google Chrome's stop advertising on 09/07/2019 … Verified property not showing after being verified weeks ago. Please HELP! My ads have been blocked on chrome because my site has been classed as Failing. I verified my site w… Does a vertical 300x600 sticky ad on desktop violate the ad standard? I have a site that was scanned for ad experience back in July of 2018 and it passed. However I'm con…
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Does using amazon mobile popover lend to bad user experience for your site? Asking about user experience in general for amazon mobile popover
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How to adapt full-page ads to the new rules? We used to have full-page prestitial ads without countdown (desktop and mobile). We've removed the c…
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