How to interpret example videos

The Abusive Notifications Report may include videos of violations as they appeared on your site. These videos are visually annotated to help you find and fix violations.

Blue outline: A blue outline around a page element indicates that the element has received focus, or is active. This is the part of the page (for example, the main window, a menu selection, or a button) that was navigated to during your site’s review; it may have been clicked, arrived at by tabbing or tapping, or in some other way. The blue outline helps you follow the narrative of your site’s review.

Right-hand panel: When a separate tab or window opens on your site, it's displayed in the right-hand side of your video, adjacent to the main web page. For example, if clicking a menu item opens a pop-under page that’s hidden from view, that pop-under is shown in the right-hand panel. Or if clicking a button on the page opens a new tab, that tab is shown in the right-hand panel. As more separate windows or tabs open, the previous ones move down the right-hand panel, and the newest one shows up at the top, with a blue outline. The side panel makes it easier for you to see the browser notification activity on your site. Additional tabs and windows are indicated with counter icons (see below).

Click target: Blue concentric circles are displayed on the video where a click (desktop) or tap (mobile) takes place.  

Device icons: Icons displayed on the lower left-hand corner indicate the type of review (not always applicable). If the review is of desktop experiences, you'll see this icon:  Desktop icon for example videos. If the review is of mobile experiences, you'll see this icon: Mobile icon for example videos.

Counter icons: When additional windows and tabs are opened, the right hand panel shows counter icons on the bottom. For example Counter icon (6) for example videos indicates that 6 additional windows or tabs have opened, and Counter icon (6) for example videos  indicates that 10 or more additional tabs have opened.

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