Introduction to the Abusive Notifications Report

How do I access the Abusive Notifications Report?

  1. Visit
  2. If you have more than one site property verified with Search Console, select the one whose notifications you want to view.

Learn more about accessing and using the Abusive Notifications Report.

What is an abusive notification?

An abusive notification is a web notification, or an experience related to a browser notification, designed to mislead site visitors. For example, a notification pre-prompt that forces users to accept browser notifications in order to gain access to a site's content is an "Abusive Notification Permission Request," a type of abusive notification.

See the list of abusive notifications identified by the Abusive Notifications Report.

Why is Google doing this?

The Abusive Notifications Report lists browser notification-related experiences on your site that are identified as being misleading to your visitors. By removing them, you may increase your visitors’ enjoyment of your site and the likelihood they’ll return. You’ll also help improve the overall health of the online ecosystem.

How does the Abusive Notifications Report work?

If your site has been reviewed, and the status is "Failing," the Abusive Notifications Report shows examples of notifications we found on your site that may be misleading your visitors. (Note that there may be other abusive notification-related experiences on your site that we did not find during the review.) For each listed notification, we include a brief definition, the URL of the page where the notification was found and, when available, images and/or a short video that shows you how it actually looked on your site.

Once you’ve determined the cause of the abusive notification, fix the issue. When you’re done fixing all notifications, request another review of your site.

Learn about accessing and using the Abusive Notifications Report.

How do I fix the issues?

In general, work with your webmaster, though workflow depends on both how your organization is set up and the specific abusive notification. Once you’ve fixed all the issues, you should submit your site for review. Note that doing so implements a review of the entire site domain, not just the subdomains for which you are registered.

Learn more about fixing issues and submitting for review.

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