Misidentified abusive experiences

If you believe we’ve misidentified an abusive experience on your site, we want to know. 

  1. Visit the Abusive Experience Report.
  2. When viewing examples of the abusive experience, click the arrow next to If this example is not an abusive experience, let us know.
  3. Provide information that clarifies what the images and/or video shows or what the experience actually is. For example, if the video capture shows an email sign up form, not an abusive experience, you might write: “This is our newsletter sign up form.”
  4. Click Submit. The date of the request along with your description is displayed at the bottom of the example. You and owners of the website receive an email indicating that you’ve requested a review of the experience.

Repeat these steps for each misidentified abusive experience.

  • You can submit each misidentified abusive experience only once.
  • Please send communications in English only. Submissions in other languages are translated using Google Translate.
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