Site design issues and creative issues

Each of the desktop and mobile Ad Experience Report has two tabs: Site design issues and Creative issues. We break issues into these categories to help you assess how to go about fixing them and to avoid them in the future.

Site design issues

Site design issues describe ad experiences that are displayed on your site due to site templates, code, or other aspects of your site design that control how ads are presented. 

Site design issues for desktop

  • Pop-up ads
  • Prestitial ad with countdown
  • Large sticky ad at bottom of screen

Site design issues for mobile

  • Pop-up Ad and Prestitial Ad
  • Ad density higher than 30%
  • Postitial Ad with Countdown
  • Full Screen Scrollover Ad
  • Large Sticky Ad

Creative issues

Creative issues are ad experiences that are displayed on your site due to ad tags, which allow specific creatives, advertisers, or networks on your site's inventory. Creative issues may also include other aspects of your ad operations that control which ads are displayed.

Creative issues for desktop

  • Autoplaying Video Ad with Sound

Creative issues for mobile

  • Autoplaying Video Ad with Sound
  • Flashing Animated Ad

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