Fixing issues and submitting for review

If your site’s been reviewed and annoying ad experiences have been found, fix them and submit the site for another review.

If you've followed these instructions but still have questions, visit the Ad Experience Report FAQ.
  1. Visit the Ad Experience Report.
  2. Select Desktop or Mobile in the side panel, depending on which report you want to view.
  3. View the ad experience issues as listed in the Site design issues (displayed by default) and the Creative issues tabs. 
  4. Fix each ad experience issue. 
    • For creative issues, such as autoplay video with sound, we recommend working with your ad ops team to identify which creatives caused the bad experiences.
    • For site design issues, such as prestitials with countdown, we recommend working with your site designers to identify the templates or code that caused the identified ad experience to occur.
  5. In the “Request review” area, describe how you addressed each issue, providing as much detail as possible. 
    • Upon submission of the review, this description is sent to the webmaster of your domain and any owners and users that have been added in Search Console. Learn more 
  6. Mark the I have fixed all the issues checkbox, and click Submit.
  • Because we review a sample of your pages, when you submit your site for another review, we may find new issues. You should therefore fix all ad experiences on your site, not just the ones in the Report.
  • Please send communications in English only. Submissions in other languages are translated using Google Translate.

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