Ad Standard regions

We review your site’s ad experiences based on your Ad Standard region, defined as the region from which you receive the largest number of visitors. 

While consumers in each country may have unique preferences regarding ad experiences, data suggests that there are larger aggregations of countries with similar preferences. Each Ad Standard region consists of one or more countries with assumed similar ad experience preferences.

  • At the top of the Ad Experience Report, we show which region your site is in.
  • If the Coalition for Better Ads has not yet defined an ad standard for your region, the status is C.
  • Your site’s ad experiences are assessed based on the Ad Standard region from which you receive the most visitors. For example, if 40% of your desktop visits are from Region A and 30% are from Region B, then your Ad Standard region for desktop ad experiences is Region A.
    • If your site is among the most popular in more than one region, it may belong to multiple Ad Standard regions (see below).
  • You may have one region for desktop ad experiences, and another for mobile ad experiences.

List of Ad Standard regions

Region A: United States and Canada

Region B: Europe

Region C: Rest of world

About multiple Ad Standard regions

If a site is very popular in more than one region, it may need to adhere to one Ad Standard region for its audience in one country, and another Ad Standard region for an audience in a different country. If this is the case, you’ll see more than one region listed at the top of the Ad Experience Report.


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