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Search Result vs Advertisement The google search results and ads links look too similar. Is there a tool that helps to differentiat…
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How to get back to an old layout of images? I mean, photos on Google Images always appeard under the clicked image, on a black horizontal stripe… Since Google search is so bad, could you recommend a search platform that performs well? I am so frustrated with the limited results from Google that are pertinent to my search criteria. It… Gboard iOS version has stopped working. Crashes every time. No updates, anyone having the same issue IOS version of gboard crashes everytime started happening yesterday. Keyboard crashes and goes to th…
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How to reset a password to an old email? I have been trying to recover or reset a password to my old email address, but it doesn’t ask me to …
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Why are google search results showing up differently? I love google search I use it 100* a day for a million questions that come up as part of my work. I … How to Remove New Icons and Bread Crumb Trail in Search Results Google has done it again. Now they have destroyed the clean look of the search results page (just li… How can I disable the new website icon in the search results? Why is that website icon now displaying in all my search results? It's very cluttered than it used t… Grey box covering search results Recently when using Google search, I'm presented by a large light grey box which obscures most or al… Site Domain Names and Brand Icons Update Hi folks, Chris M here - Google Search Community Manager. Last year, our search results on mobile ga…
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Clicking images in Related Images is going to the wrong link When I click on an image in google image search, it loads a preview window on the right side of the …
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Why is Google Images Sidebar not showing the correct image? Hi, Until yesterday, Google Images had been working perfectly fine--no problems. Yesterday I discove… will toopics.com delete our picture from their site if we request i requested toopics.com to remove my picture in their website but still they are not responding i se… How do I tell Google about a misidentified city? When a search is submitted in Saint Cloud Minnesota that is location specific Google will return the…
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I'm getting an old result and that not worthy of the current time or future aspects. I'm searching for some current scenario or future aspects related questions and after a search, I ge…
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help me to get my search back to normal. every link that comes up on a search has the pic before it everytime i do a search i only get the results with the icons at the start. so if i search something… google widget android stopped showing list of top trending searches google widget android now shows my recent searches, whereas before, when i selected the google widge…
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wrong phone # listed for me Fix my phone # listed on google search
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How To Use Advance Search Hello Google Community Members I have found Advance Search and was un-sure about a few points Is ALL…
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Deleting reviews I need to delete a review
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