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remove suggestion on google search i want to remove suggestion from google search Turn off "Trending Searches" on Google.com Hello, I am on Google.com (not Android or iPhone), and all of a sudden "Trending Searches" came on. … Google will. not save setting to uncheck open each selected result in a new browser window. When i click on a Google Search result it always loads in a new tab (Chrome or Safari). I have tried… Something has happened to Google Search - and its really hacking me off I've been searching around to see if anyone else has pointed out that the Google search engine appea… Google search app glitches when i begin typing. When I first open the google search app a Google search app glitches when i begin typing. 0 Replies When I first open the google search app an…
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How to I disable the voice that reads Google search results out loud? How do I disable voice that speaks my search answer answer out load? I've tried everything that I co…
0 Recommended Answers 96 Replies 774 Upvotes
Chrome randomly started opening search results in a new tab and I can't change the setting. My chrome randomly started opening its search results in a new tab. I found the setting on google.co…
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How to solve Redirect Error, clearing cookies and extensions doesnt work. I get the too many redirects message for this website https://www.what-song.com/Movies/Soundtrack/11…
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How do I stop my previous search results coming up in a list every time I start a new search? I have noticed that Google now displays a list of my past searches in a list. I tried to follow dire… Search results opening in new tab, setting doesn't actually update (video included) Out of the blue search results started opening up in a new tab (I didn't change any settings). After…
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Use Google maps, GPS always interrupted by phone. Can this be fixed in settings? Use GPS/Google Maps all day for work. Navigation is always interrupted by phone calls, also necessar…
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Google pay payment refund Google pay payment
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this is true google send iphone 11 pro as a gift after answer some question i have received massage from web that i am lucky because i am win iphone 11 from google if i answer …
0 Recommended Answers 17 Replies 75 Upvotes
Why does google Push liberal news sources, proven false countless times, to the top of my search? I search news sources and left wing (proven false) media sites top the search results of the entire … Google Finance not allowing Boeing (NYSE: BA) shown in watchlist I have several stocks in my watchlist on Google Finance. I added them by "Following" them. I am also…
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Am I getting hacked? On some websites I visit, not only with google, I get this warning message that the connection is no…
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How can I report a fraud website? I was trying to remove this particular website so that like me no one else will fall for it My google alert won't delete! I get this message: unknown error happened. Please try again For over a year now, I can't delete alerts from my Google Alerts. I can add new ones, and delete new…
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My kids' Safesearch: Trying #forcesafesearch (hosts file) Google emailed me (last wk). Not working!! Google emailed out instructions how to maintain SafeSearch Lock beyond August 1 to anyone who had us…
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How do i remove trending searches on PC? Need to remove trending search on PC but the only 'help' i can find is for the Smartphone App
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