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College football scores not updated scores from college football aren't even showing for example, I search up unc tarheels vs virginia t… How do I stop my previous search results coming up in a list every time I start a new search? I have noticed that Google now displays a list of my past searches in a list. I tried to follow dire… Google scholar is not indexing my article - what can I do I have this academic article published and I can find it in google but when I move to google scholar…
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How can I report a fraud website? I was trying to remove this particular website so that like me no one else will fall for it Why does google constantly lie to me on search results. I ask it and it gives unrelated results I have doen multiple different forms of the same question. For example i asked to day "where to buy … Why can't google answer the question asked? Instead leeds to adds or something irrelevant I've tried searching numerous times and get answers back which i have to scroll through the adds and… Weird overlay issue with the Search tools I am getting a weird overlay issue with my account, and not with any other accounts. It ever moves b…
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"Add me search option/Edit my people card" options not working on my handset. Google new feature "Add me to search " not showing on my phone. My google account is also signin GooglePay and PayPal integration!? I've looked everywhere and attempted on my phone and on a PC attempting to tie a PayPal to my Google…
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When i searching my name it shows my college information. How i can remove my college information? When i am searching my name on google it always shows my college information. I want to remove my co…
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I can't use Google pay. Its saying the my Google account isnt authorized to allow to purchase food I want authorization to use Google pay How do i remove a keyboard left behind eh Get rid of this keyboard and get another
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How do I stop my google searches from appearing in my YouTube search history? I have tries deleting my search history from both apps, and restarting my phone but my new searches …
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GOOGLE SEARCH SUCKS!!! What happened? Why has Google's search results become useless? When I put things in quotes, I ONLY want to find tha… Feature Request: Google Search App - Share to Devices Feature Please can you take a look at adding the feature to share search results from the Google Search App … There's internet access but websites are not loading, except for Google sites (e.g. Google, YouTube, Google search works, as do the other Google-affliated websites like Youtube and Gmail, but once I cl… Why is google so dumb in this? Deleting videos from playlist without showing any details. I put all my efforts in creating playlist that i like. Hours and hours of searching and finding vide…
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stop a website from using my art on google search results Hi How do I stop a website from using my name, keywords and art to drive traffic to their site? I ha…
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How to force Google Search to search for my query? Hello, I've been struggling with this for the past couple years and I can't find a solution to this.…
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Why does google Push liberal news sources, proven false countless times, to the top of my search? I search news sources and left wing (proven false) media sites top the search results of the entire …
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