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We want to thank you for choosing Google as your preferred Search Engine. That is why we will select We want to thank you for choosing Google as your preferred Search Engine. That is why we will select…
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Google images is completely messed up when logged in. So, If I use google images while logged in using my account, It doesnt matter which browser Im using… I can see 3D animals on my android phone (7), but not getting option of "View in my space" Have provided all the permissions to Google and Lens app. 
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 243 Upvotes
I cannot access one of my Gmail accounts. I do not have the same phone number or recovery email. I go to recovery but it says to use my recovery email that has been deleted due to inactivity and i …
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How do i find or remove backdoor app showing up as a guest on my acccount amd green records my calls Trying to find the app the was able to mimic my phone get in add as guest and records phone calls as…
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How can i stop Google Proxima Beta taking money from my account without authorization? Compensation? 1. Canceling my card details from play store 2. Blocking Google Proxima Beta thru call center. 3. Fr…
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Side pane image size and view image option When I click on an image now, the right side preview shows a small version of the image where the pr…
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Want to complain on Google Proxima Beta who are taking mony from my account without authorization Google Proxima Beta is taking money from my account everymonth 1. I removed my card details from Pla…
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Google scholar 403 banning my IP When I tried to open any link under scholar.google.com, I get error like this ----------------------…
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How do I put the Google search bar widget on my home screen. I have a Huawei P20 Lite I accidentally removed the search bar widget from my home screen but now I don't know how to get it … Why can't google answer the question asked? Instead leeds to adds or something irrelevant I've tried searching numerous times and get answers back which i have to scroll through the adds and…
0 Recommended Answers 68 Replies 247 Upvotes
My pc is hacked. I remove all drives devises and networks, and it still boots feom a sata drive on a No usb.. Nothing plugged in. Write protected. Jumpered the mo board? Fdisk clean install... Still th…
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Google app crashes on OnePlus 5 device with update Google app crashes on launch on OnePlus 5 with the latest update. This looks to be t…
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If somebody search for my name, my website comes up I like to avoid that. Is it possible? I have talked with Webnode that owns my website. They dont know why my website comes up in the resul…
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Discover/Google search app failing to launch So here's the problem, the Google app isn't launching. Whenever I try to open it there's and app lau…
0 Recommended Answers 41 Replies 67 Upvotes
Google search time format The search result shows in 12 hour format, but I'd prefer 24 hour format. My language is already set…
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Google app fails to start on open, using OnePlus 5 device. Issue began with update. Google app flickers when opening but then doesn't load fully. App still runs in background but is un… I want to Remove Photos from My Samsung Galaxy, bit Keep them in Google Photos Before Android 10 (to my best recollection), when I deleted a photo or video on my Android phone (my…
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How do i make it like stories i shown "No interest" in don't appear in my hidden list. What i tried so far is to remove certain articles i showed no interest in from my hidden list, and t…
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How to Hide Photos & Videos on Google Photos from General Scroll Down Section once Moved to an Album I've noticed that despite having the ability to move photos and videos into any folder I would like,…
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