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Why is Image Search missing resolution choices for "Size"? Only large, Medium, and Icon shown now. 0 Recommended Answers 45 Replies 378 Upvotes
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Help please: Nearly all of "Size" option's formerly available in standard Image search's Tools menu, are  no longer available in the drop down menu. You can still find them in the inconvenient-to-access "Advanced Search"; but they no longer choosable in Image Search - as shown in thr attached screenshot. I think this had to be a mistake,  this helps no-one who uses google in any way. This is not for the Phone browsers, but for PC - so the size of the drop down is not a concern.

Leaving deskto/laptop users with only the choices of "Large', "Medium" and "Icon" makes no sense.

Again, I see no reason why you would give us less options in a drop down menu on the PC/Web version of Google Image search... again I'm guessing (hoping?) this a mistake. I can't comprehend any respectable reason you would want us to have less choices in Image Search Tools for PC.

There are an 14 options no longer shown that use to be avialble in the "Size" in the drop down. If this was intentional to remove the capabilities iof image search I find this very sad.

The only benefit from this change would be to Google in reduced processing-overhead on their servers (at the cost of the user's experience)
. Removing the majority of the Size parameters for Google's image size greatly reduces the computational need on your servers - checking each image record for its resolution would clearly do this... and by removing the options you greatly decrease the chance the user will use these options or any size setting. And the three choices remaining use pre0sorted categories that require a less in-depth algorithm, since its not checking each file for a value but jsut for a category that google placed the image in at the time they were indexed.

I hope I am wrong.y
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I have this same problem when I am logged into my account. When I log out and search the options then become available again. I am thinking maybe there is something on our accounts?
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Same issue. Image size selection is gone. When i select large, it's still selecting very small images like 1200x800.
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Google constantly targets random users with experimental variations to the Search and Image Search interfaces. Sometimes the differences are barely noticeable. Other variations are much more noticeable.
You're probably seeing one of these experiments. You could try clearing cache and cookies but, if that doesn't help, there's nothing you can do but wait until Google thinks you've had enough and releases you from the experiment!
As this is a user-to-user community, there's nothing we can do about this. I encourage you to send your feedback direct to Google using the "Send Feedback" link at the bottom of the results page.
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This is really annoying! If this really is Google doing an "experiment" it must be to see the reaction of users when they remove key features of their service. :(

However, you can still find it here https://www.google.com/advanced_image_search
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Even the advanced search options aren't working for me. I tried with larger than 6 MP on it and it's still giving me really small images.
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Hey, yes it is actually missing.
A solution is that you can use "imagesize:widthxhigh" just next to what are you looking for.
Ej: ecuador imagesize:300x250 - and just appears images of ecuador sized 300x250

I hope it helps
Last edited 8/28/19
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I agree !!!!!!! I am so annoyed! Tried to find answers with no luck. Tried reverting back to older versions (not being a techy). Didn't work. 

It just seems we are all slowly returning back to the IBM days pre-apple/windows. Programs gave power to the people and I'm noticing on PC apps/Microsoft, with each version, we have less power, less options, less control. Let's stage a revolt!
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...also, Google don't you have anything else to do but make things more complicated. The advanced search is a pain. That may be the point since you are  appealing to lobbyist like large image stock companies! Please return us to simplicity.
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Happening to me also, but it also happens wether i'm logged in or out and also after clearing cache / cookies..i am kinds glad though as its made me shop around. i found pixabay and also bing image search which has all the options google had but way more of the images i want. all google seems to want to throw at me these days is sock photos. i hope it goes back to normal but i for 1 will be sticking to bing image search unless they remove the options as well lol
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Hello I am a graphic designer dependent on google image searcher and I found that the option to search for specific sizes was not removed from the searcher but permanently disabled in my account by the google company itself,

I understand about image copyright, but the lack of this search option also hides the free image sites ie it protects the copyrights of many authors and conceals the copyrights of other authors

I would like you to be shown in the new company policies which line specifies this boycott of tools for select users and what factors determine it, it's a great idea to go back to the old microsoft browser

does google have any explanation about this? thanks
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