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GOOGLE Search Function Reverted Back To Old Style In All Browsers Except FireFox

First I'd like at ask the Moderators & Admins here NOT TO MARK THIS AS BEING ANSWERED or to Merge This Thread With Others as they have done in the other threads quite wrongly with incorrect replies that the problem has been sorted or can be fixed by "updating to the latest Browser:... thank you...

Using all the latest versions currently available of Safari and Google Chrome they all revert back to the old style searches of a few years ago....

I have thoroughly tested this problem that suddenly started yesterday using the latest versions Safari & Chrome on 3 different Macs and three different versions of OSX. The problem still persists on all of them in that all things "Google" (searches etc..) have reverted back to the old style layout and interface of several years ago and the only temporary way to "fix" this is to set each browsers User Agent to that of the one for FireFox, which of course is far from ideal...

From all that has been said in other threads this is the same problem being experienced by many users and it seem the only browser currently working correctly is FireFox. Which let's face it is not ideal as for many reasons FireFox is not the browser some people want to use...

The point about this thread is mainly it is required so that people can report this continuing problem until Google actually sort it and not have the thread be marked as having being solved or having the "best answer" posted by a Google moderator or admin which they have been doing incorrectly despite being informed by people that their advice to "Update to the latest browser" simply doesn't work and doesn't solve this ongoing problem...

So please admins and mods here DON"T close this thread or mark it with a "Best Anwser" that is in fact wrong and allow people to report and discuss this problem until Google finally actually does sort it...

So if any user out there of either Chrome or Safari running on a Mac has any ideas or solutions to as to how to sort this problem and set either of the browsers back to being able to function correctly (other than using the FireFox User Agent) then I'd be most grateful to hear them...thank you... :-)
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bluequoll (Google Search)
bluequoll (Google Search)
You may have a valid point — if there is a wider issue than Google claims, then it needs to be followed up. Unfortunately, you haven't provided any details of browser versions or OS versions. It would be helpful if you would quote some specifics so your report can be investigated.
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Simple enough to supply... (though I honestly don't see it being of help)...

Versions Of Safari Tested Are: from version 5..06 up to Ver 6.1.6

Versions Of Chrome Tested Are: from version ver 31 up to Ver 36

They were all tested on the following Mac OS's where of course where applicable they would run (ie: they were not "out of date for a particular OS or they would only run on particular version of an OS)...

Mac OSX Leopard, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Mac OSX Lion, Mac OSX Mountain Lion (all versions of each release)...

On all versions tested of both OS's & Browsers mentioned above the result was the same in that all things "Google" revert back to the old style format/ layout of several years ago...

The only way to get any of them to use the "new" Google layout/ interface that we are used to now was to where possible change their "User Agent" to the following one for FireFox...

"Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0"

Firefox when tested itself has not displayed this current problem at all but for me personally I don't like to use FireFox or it's style/ layout it creates on a Mac as it's has very poor/ awkward user interface on Macs (even using it's User Agent changes the layout/ style of `Safari & Chrome on a Mac which is I say not a good one to work with)...

I did test Safari & Chrome using Mavericks but which versions I can't say because I didn't check and have since deleted the Mavericks partition as it's not an OS I would choose to use but they did display the problem too..

This problem like everyone else has reported came right of the blue for most folk less than 48 hours ago and from what most folk have been reporting just like myself they are using the latest available browser version and have not done anything at the users end that could be causing this problem...

Whatever has happened be it a hack or changes made at Google end I cant say but from my testing and what most others have said & reported there is nothing that can be done at the user end to sort this (you can't update your browser beyond what is currently available) other then "workaround" of switching the browsers "User Agent" ti the "FireFox one mentioned but for myself and other that is not ideal...

It's incredibly frustrating and is only made worse when some mods simply keep telling folk to "update (or change) their browser", when people are reporting they are using the latest version of their browser and for some for for various valid reason changing browsers is not an option for them...

I really wish Google would take what the end users report & say more seriously after all if we didn't use Google products there would be no Google business to speak of. Google when it comes to search engines & browsers provide the best around but when problems like this arise they really need to take heed of what people actually using those products are reporting if they want to remain the best option available...

bluequoll (Google Search)
bluequoll (Google Search)
Thanks for that!

Being exclusively a Windows user for desktop/laptop I'm not in a position to test Mac, but at least I now have something to get checked out.
Ellie Smith
Ellie Smith
Having the same exact problem for safari 5.0.6, my mac is old but the google has changed by itself to the old style google and it is do annoying!
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You can try this as a temporary fix (not sure if it will work on Safari 5.0.6 but it it does work on other older versions of Safari...


Here's a temporary solution for Safari 5.1.10 on a Mac using Snow Leopard

If you haven't set up Safari to have the "Devlop" menu available then you'll have to do that first by doing this (shown in the first pic)...

1: Select from the menu bar "Safari/ Preferences" and then select "Advanced" in the preferences window. Tick/ select the item at the bottom of the window labelled "Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar" (see first picture)

Now in the Safari menu bar you will have a menu called "Develop"...

Go to the "Devlop" menu and from the options pick "User Agent" and then "Other"...

This will open up a window as shown in picture 3 where you must now cut & paste the following line (or type it in)...

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/31.0

Click on "Ok"...

You should now have got rid of the old style Google look and it should be back to the new look. The only thing you will notice is some layouts will look a bit different but for the time being and until Google fixes this problem you at least have the "new look" back... :-)


While this works it is of course far from perfect and the main drawback with this is, every time you close Safari and then relaunch it you have to got to the "Develop" menu and select the "other" option again as sadly there is no way to save this option in Safari and Safari itself doesn't automatically save it either... (hoping someone will be able to solve that part for me)...

Hey, sry, I don't have one! I really don't know what's up. But I think (And hope!) its temporary.
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