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Joe Gerstemeier

can't load search results

How do I fix Can't load search results on Samsung Galaxy S111. I tried all the suggested shut down restart, uninstall reinstall and such. some works once then right back to same message. What is the problem?
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Hi Joe,
  Thank you for responding to the Google search forum.  I have found something something similar to your Galaxy.  I saw someone post search stopped working on the tablet.  Here is the link, Note Search not working. Let me know if this resolved your issue with your phone.  
If you hadn't already, did you clear the phone cache in your device as well sometimes that might help.  Did I answer your question?  Do you have any more questions?
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Joe Gerstemeier
How do I clear the Cache? There are thousands of people have the same issue as I am having. Your suggested fix is simplistic, vague, and of little value. You assume I am a programing expert capable of debugging Android programs, Based on your response, I shudder at the thought of Google's involvement in driverless cars.
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Hi Joe,

Thanks for getting back to us.  Could you clarify something for us?  Are you unable to access the internet through anything?  Or are you unable to access the internet through specific applications like Chrome, Search, Gmail, etc.

Also could you let us know what the text of the error message is?  This might help us figure out how to advise you specifically.

You can take a screenshot by pressing the Home AND Power buttons simultaneously.  This screenshot will be saved to your gallery and you can upload it through this button  when you're on a desktop.

Hope to hear back soon.

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Joe Gerstemeier
When I use the google search app on my phone by typing text or by voice request, I get a response with a stupid cloud with a sad face in it along with text "can,t load search results".
Try again
send feedback.
I can get results when I go through the browser to google. that works fine both text and voice.
However, when I try using the voice input for google maps, it keeps responding
"Didn't catch that. Try speaking again.
My phone responds excellently to my voice for all other applications including email, messaging, telephone etc,
Please google (Can;t load search results) to see how many forums and blogs include dozens on each site each having the same issues I am having during the past year or so.
I tried you screen shot tip but it did not work.
Daryl Wernette
Daryl Wernette
I have the same issue that was first noticed on April 15, 2015. TMobile Samsung Galaxy S3, Jellybean. Have used Google Now Launcher successfully since December 2014.
Issue is related to google search and google now.
Initially manifested itself by indicating it "couldn't contact google" for voice search results. Also observed when trying to click on google now cards (that were updating properly with scores, weather, time, etc.) but would not connect and indicated "Can't load search results" error described above. Google search bar does not search but google search within chrome browser does.
Cleared data and cache from google search and google now launcher. No improvement.
Uninstalled updates to google search app (which disabled Google Now Launcher) and google search bar then allowed search and connected.
Updated Google Search and issue returned.
Uninstalled and reinstalled Google Now Launcher and issue remained.
Cleared partition cache and issue remained.
Any help would be appreciated and I'm happy to share additional information when questions are asked.
125 MORE
I get no network connection. Try again. I'm on an iPad mini.
I am connected to a network and everything works except the Google search app. Google search works just fine on my iPhone six. What's the problem? I have been reading posts going back to the middle of 2014 and there is no resolution to this problem. Does Google care at all about their customers? How complex can this problem be for a company as large and talented as Google to resolve?
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