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Recommended departure times notification not working

I have set the Google app to Urgent with the default notification sound and vibration, but my phone does not alert me to recommended departure times. If I open the app and look at the Upcoming tab, I can see the event and recommended departure time, but this information is not triggering a notification. Is there anything else I can do make the notification appear?
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Ron - Community Specialist
Ron - Community Specialist
Hi Christopher,

Welcome to the Google Search and Assistant Help Forum!

Thanks for sharing your question with me. Please confirm if you have followed the same steps to setup the notifications of the Google App:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app Google .
  2. At the bottom right, tap Menu Menu and then Settings.
  3. Go to Your feed > Priority notifications (it seems you have set this already) and in the Get notified about section, make sure that you have turned on the notifications for Flight updates.
If you have followed these steps and still have the same issue, try the following steps and check:
  1. Try clearing the cache and data of the Google App: Settings > Apps > Google App > Storage > Clear Cache and then tap on Manage Space > Clear All Data. 
  2. If the issue persists, uninstall the updates: please go to Settings > Apps > Google App > tap on the 3 vertical dots menu at the top right corner > Uninstall updates.
  3. If that doesn't help, go to Settings > Apps > Google App > Disable. After that please tap on Enable (If you have an option to uninstall the Google App, please uninstall and reinstall the app).
Please note that these steps are a little bit different for different devices and will delete all the preferences of the Google App including the widgets.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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I don't have the "Flight updates," but I tried all the rest, and it still doesn't work.

Should I try reinstalling all the updates and see if it works?
I also am having this issue, but worse - in the new version of the Google App ( the stories feed is fine, but the "Upcoming" section is completely empty, except for stocks.  There are no agenda events, upcoming events, time to leave events, or any other "cards." just stock updates.  This is true on the Galaxy Tab 8.0 and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.  

The Galaxy S7 is running version and seems to show agenda  but no time to leave and there are no time to leave notifications and does not appear to recognize new events put into Calendar. 

I followed all the steps you recommended above Ron, and more: 
  • all the appropriate notification and include-in-feed sliders are ticked to "yes" under settings
  • cleared cache and data for apps and the phone at large, force stopped and disabled the google app (can't uninstall)
  • uninstalled and reinstalled the google calendar app, ensured that all calendars are syncing
  • triple checked the sync for calendar
  • triple checked app permissions for location, calendar, and contacts are set to on for both calendar and the google app
basically everything short of a factory reset. but i'm ready to do that as well.

I have a Galaxy S8+ now running Google App version, With this earlier version of the app, I see agenda and "time to leave" cards, but I do not get "time to leave" notifications 15 min ahead of when I should leave to get to my event destination on time.  I can not tell you how much i've come to rely on these notifications - i have been late for three business meetings in the past two weeks because this isn't working.

Interesting sidebar that could be relevant:  Google App > Settings > Personal: 
for the S7 running ., the "Show content from" events icon is gray, not color. I am still able to check the checkbox.
for the s8 running, there IS NO events icon
for the Tab 8.0 and Note Pro 12.2 "Personal" is called "Tablet Search" and the events icon is gray, not color, I am still able to check the checkbox.

So, Ron @ Google, questions on next steps:
  1. is there the possibility that app data is syncing across these four mobile devices, which makes this process of troubleshooting harder?
  2. is there an amount of time i need to wait to let the google cloud catch up with all the uninstalling, reinstalling, resetting, and tweaking I'm doing? I read somewhere 48 hours.
  3. does the native samsung calendar app have any bearing on this situation? as in: if i disable notifications on the samsung calendar, does that mess with the google calendar or calendar app?
  4. I can't get to the battery in these devices to truly power cycle.  is there a way to do this for devices where you can't pop out the battery, and would it make a difference?
  5. i am fairly sure that there is data related to these apps that does not live on the device, rather, in the cloud. how do i reset this data? (could be related to question 1 above)
  6. would a full factory reset or a signing out/signing in of google accounts make a difference?
This has been a big letdown for a feature that i've come to rely upon heavily....literally for my livelihood. Ron, please. i come to you with great expectations and a need for the transparent truth about what's going on with the android google app's "upcoming" section.
Ron - Community Specialist
Ron - Community Specialist
Hi Christopher,

Thanks for writing back to me. Please try the rest of the steps and share your observation.

@David, I can understand your concern. The features of the Google App may vary depending on the version. The data will be in sync on all the devices as long as you are using the same Google account. So, the data syncing isn't an issue here.

Yes, you need to wait for 48 to 72 hours so that the changes you make can take affect. Samsung Calendar doesn't have any affect on the Google App. Google App only works with the primary Google account's Calendar.

The power settings are depending the device you are using. As you have Samsung devices, I won't be able to provide any alternative method. There is no method available to reset the data.

You may want to try a factory reset and try using a different Google account for testing purpose to see if this is an account specific issue.

Please keep me posted.

I'm having the exact same issue as davidtaus on my Galaxy S8. It just picked up last night but the problem started sometime about two weeks ago. I'm not aware of any specific change to my device or setting which would have caused this, but in the past I was getting "time to leave" notifications and would see all of my upcoming calendar events in the "Upcoming" tab. Now I see nothing in the "Upcoming" tab (which is annoying but not a huge problem as I still get notifications from Google Calendar) but it's really a pain to not be getting the "time to leave" notifications as traffic conditions vary quite a bit for many of my trips and is one of my favorite features of the phone.

I will start working through the same set of steps that you've both listed below but wanted to reply to ensure that you knew that there other devices out there that have started having the same issue in the past couple of weeks. 
@Ron - thanks for your reply.  I am more convinced than ever it's a google app issue now - here's why:

1. I uninstalled updates on my S8 and got many of the "upcoming" features to appear again on the factory version of the app, including upcoming appointments from gCal (but still no time to leave notifications). Then when the app updated itself automatically, back to nothing.

2. The google app widget is blank. I don't use this but i find it curious to be the case. no headlines, no weather, no time, just nothing. See photos below of the screen.  I know this is addressed in a different thread but I can't help but think it's related.

3. After a full factory reset on my S7, there is no change.  I did this on Sunday, we are past 48 hrs. I can wait longer but in the past all this sync'ing has happened in a matter of minutes, not hours. i'm not sure what happens on day 3 that didn't happen on days 1-2.

4. I took a flight from SF to LA yesterday for work. no information on the flight under "upcoming" (there should have been, there used to be), but i did get some information about the airport terminals, and an errant price drop notification that quickly went away after it appeared. the stock ticker is still there. so some parts of the app's "upcoming" section are working, but not the ones that matter.

My second google account is a work gSuite account that's been installed on all devices the whole time.  I've tried to switch to it but this accounts gives me zero data from the google app: no news stories, no upcoming...nothing.  I don't know what you mean by account specific issue - does this mean my data is corrupted on your servers? 

RE: my question about apps syncing data across devices, I was worried that the apps DO sync data, so that if I try to reset data on one device it actually doesn't reset because the old data is sync'ed from the other devices or my google account.

IN SUM: i'm more convinced than ever that there's a bug in the current version's programming, perhaps specific to samsung? (four samsung devices on my account are affected in exactly the same way). I've been through every setting imaginable.  If you can recommend some notification access or permissions settings buried deep in some menu for me to investigate or if you think there's interference from another app that needs to be enabled or disabled I'll very gladly do that, but otherwise I implore you to pass this on to the technical team.  

I hate to admit how much I've come to rely on your product, but you only find out this when things break. when the google app is not working it literally makes me less able to do my job.  you guys have designed a great thing, but only when it works. please help me make it work again.

Ron - Community Specialist
Ron - Community Specialist
Hi David,

I appreciate your observation and I do understand the importance of this issue. Before I take this further, could you please try a factory reset and see if that makes any difference? Make sure that you have the backup of your data before you do that.

Also, you can try the Google App Beta for testing purpose and check.

@User3, please try all the steps provided in this article and share your findings with me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

@Ron, I've already done a full factory reset on the S7, and the "upcoming" section came back exactly like the other three android devices I have - just stocks.  I did use the Backup & Restore by Apex to back up data and re-load my apps (except the google app, the system automatically loaded this one), if this may have confounded the factory reset i'm willing to try again.

but i can't get past the fact that
  1.  the same issue is exhibited identically across four devices. this leads me to believe it's not an app's or phone's local settings.  in the google app, do my selections affect all devices? that is, if i reset notification preferences on one device, does it do it for all devices?
  2. Restoring factory settings / uninstalling updates to the google app bring back the "upcoming" cards (still no time to leave notifications), but the latest version erases all upcoming cards.
I'm signing up for Beta now.  And wouldn't you know it...i'm late for my next meeting.
Update: I switched to beta and just took both phones with me on a drive.  the S7 picked up a parking location and a "time to home" card - the S8+ had nothing.  so it seems that something based on location is getting into the google app. calendar events and items from gmail (flights, packages, etc) are not appearing.  "time to leave" notifications are definitely not working.
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@Ron, I did follow all those steps. No luck. I can't seem to get the leave reminders working. I could try a factory reset, but I really don't want to have to do that. Maybe 8.1 will fix it.
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Hey Folks, I am using S10 Samsung Galaxy. In the Google App the "Updates" tab is not working (next to the Discover tab) when I press it shows nothing just refreshing thats it. It all of sudden start happening. I have cleared cache, disabled and enabled again... restarted etc., nothing works. Any heads up? 
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