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Please remove Bigresource.com from your search results.

They have been appearing more and more in my search results and are nothing more that a made for adsense junk keep.  There is absolutely nothing of value on their site - they aggregate thousands of random posting together from other sites based on keywords so that it is likely that their pages will appear in results but there is no real content there - only links to other sites.

Please remove this site from your index they are SPAM!!!

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If you feel that the site breaks Webmaster Guidelines expected by Google, you should consider reporting the site as Spam.  Google does not necessarily remove the site from indexing just because someone complains, but they do evaluate the circumstances so that they can alter their algorithims to take these types of things into consideration when positioning sites in the search results.

Spam or Irrelevant Search Results: Reporting Spam

Report a Spam Result Form

In addition to your concerns regarding the quality of the site, Norton Safe Web has documented a number of other issues.  If you have experienced exposure to malicious software on the site, you may want to report through the Malicious Software Reporting form.


Spam or Irrelevant Search Results: Reporting malicious downloads
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Thank you for the response.  I spent a few minutes looking for where to report spam and this board is what I found.  

I have now filled out the proper form.

I love Bigresource project. it's not spam. You probably need to learn navigation through site, initially, I was confused as well. I always click on bigresource results reason being I find all the relevant posts together pertaining to my programming issues rather searching and searching through all forums.
Read their copyright notice and Web archives. They are legitimate and it took bigresource like 5 years of hard work to reach this point.
Thumbs Up for BigResource.com !!!
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You must work for them.  They do not have any original content.  They string together threads that have similar keywords on the same page, so that the chances of their pages ranking high on google is greatly increased.  Once you get to the page, you will see that the words you were searching for appear in different posts on different sites that are not relevant to each other.  If they had indexed some content that had all the search words you were looking for, the original page would have appeared on Google itself, without the need to see the ADs being displayed by this site.

Bah! BigResource is a piece of shaite. It's been clogging my Google results for months now. As ezraa says, it's a shitty website full of stolen stuff from other websites. That junk does not belong in the results. What's worse is that those thieves earn lots of cash from Google Ads because they infiltrated themselves so high in the search system. This is not only annoying for us users, but also an unfair competition for other AdSense users. Google should act on this.
For those you you trying to block Big Resource, go here:

and enter http://bigresource.com in the field.  While you're at it, block http://osdir.com and http://w3schools.com.  Happy googling!
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