Save search history

You can save your searches to your Google Web History to help you quickly find information you’ve searched for in the past. For example, if you search for healthy pasta recipes, but later can’t remember the search terms that you used, you can find those searches and webpages you visited in your Web History. 

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Turn on search history

When you search while signed in to your Google Account, your Web History is saved by default.

If your web history is turned off, you’ll need to turn it on to save your search history. Follow the instructions below to turn on Web History.

  1. Visit your Web History page at (Alternatively, from the top right corner of a search results page, click the gear   > Web History.)
  2. Click Turn on.

Find searches from your history

  • Search your Web History using the search box at the top of the page.
  • Filter your results by categories, like Web, Images, and Videos, using the links on the left.
  • View searches further back in time using the Older button.

Next steps

  • Even if you've turned on Web History in your Google Account, you may still need to change your browser settings to save your history there as well. After you’ve turned Web History on, learn more about saving your browser history on Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • If you’re interested in deleting items from your Web History, or turning it off altogether, learn how to delete your search history.
  • Learn more about Google Web History.