Open web pages inside the Google app

When you search the web using the Google app, you can open web pages without switching to a browser. This means you can:

  • Open search result links faster.
  • Stay in the Google app.
  • Copy or share a link, re-open a link in your browser, and more.

Open webpages in the app

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google app Google Search.
  2. Do a search.
  3. To open a search results link in the app, either:
    • Tap the link.
    • Touch and hold the link. Then tap Open or Open in new page.

Share, copy, save, or open in browser

After you open a webpage in the Google app, you can use that page's link.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open a webpage in the Google app Google Search.
  2. Tap Share  Share.
  3. Pick an action. For example:
    • Share link: To share the link via an app on your device, like Gmail, tap the app.
    • Copy link: Tap Copy URL. Then paste the link wherever you'd like.
    • Open in a web browser: Tap Open in [browser]. Then you can use browser features, like bookmarks.

Tip: You can also copy any link in the Google app. Touch and hold the link, and then tap Copy.

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