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See and control your search activity

Your searches and activity from other Google services are saved to your Google Account if Web & App Activity is turned on. When Web & App Activity is on, you may get better search results and suggestions. You're in control of what’s saved, and you can delete your past searches and activity or turn off Web & App Activity at any time.

Turn Web & App Activity on or off

  1. Depending on your device, open Google settings in one of these places:
    • Settings app Settingsand then Google
    • Google Settings
  2. Tap Personal info & privacy and then Activity controls and thenWeb & App Activity and then turn the switch on or off.
  3. If you turn the switch on, you can check the box next to "Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services."
    • When this box is checked, you can control whether app activity from your device is saved. Tap Data from this device, then turn the switch on or off. Note: On some devices, there will be a checkbox for this setting instead.

Note: Some browsers and devices may have more settings that affect how this activity is saved.

See or delete your Web & App Activity

You can find and delete your searches and browsing activity by visiting My Activity. Learn more about how to view and control activity or how to delete activity.

What’s saved as Web & App Activity

Web & App Activity

When Web & App Activity is on, Google saves information like:

  • Searches and other things you do on Google products and services, like Search and Maps
  • Your connection information, including location, language, and whether you use a browser or an app
  • Ads you respond to by clicking the ad itself or buying something on the advertiser’s site
  • Your IP address
  • Results that are returned, including results from information on your device (like recent apps or contact names you searched for) and search results from other Google products

Note: Activity may be saved even when you’re offline.

Activity from Chrome, websites, and apps

When Web & App Activity is on and you check the box next to "Include Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services," Google saves information like:

  • Your Chrome browsing history. This information helps you see more accurate search results and suggestions. For example, if you read a lot of articles about your favorite sports team, you might see an option to receive news updates about that team. Note: Your Chrome history is only saved if you’re signed in to your Google Account and have Chrome Sync turned on.
  • Websites and apps you use and the data they share with Google. This information lets you see things you've looked at on other websites and apps in your Google search results.
  • Your activity on websites and in apps that use Google services. These services include things like embedded maps and search boxes, and ads served by Google on other sites and apps.

Note: Not all websites and apps save Web & App Activity in your account.

How your saved activity is used

Learn more about how Google uses your saved activity and how we keep it private.

For more information about how Google treats search queries generally, see the Privacy Policy FAQ.

How Web & App Activity works when you’re signed out

Your search and ad results may be customized using search-related activity even if you're signed out. To turn off this kind of search customization, you can search and browse privately.

Browser history

Your searches and the sites you visit may also be stored in your browser or the Google Toolbar. Learn how to delete your history on Chrome, Toolbar, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

Katie is a Search expert and author of this help page.

Katie is a Search expert and author of this help page. Leave her feedback below about the page.

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