Add relationships to your contacts

You can note your relationship to someone in your contact list. After a relationship is added, you can call, text, or email the person using their nickname.

Add a nickname

  1. Open the Google app Google Search.
  2. Tap Microphone or say "Ok Google," then say a nickname for one of your contacts. For example, "Diane is my mom."
  3. If you have multiple contacts with the same first name, pick the right person.
  4. Under "Remember a relationship," tap Done Done.

After the nickname is added, you can contact them by saying things like "Text my sister" or "Email my mom."

Nicknames you can use
  • Mother/Mom/Mama/Mum
  • Father/Dad/Daddy
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Partner
  • Grandfather/Grandpa/Granddad
  • Grandmother/Grandma
  • Wife
  • Husband
  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Niece
  • Nephew
  • Uncle
  • Aunt
  • Cousin
  • Assistant
  • Manager/Boss
  • Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend

Remove a nickname

  1. Tell Google that the contact shouldn’t go with that nickname. For example, "Ok Google, Jeff is not my boyfriend."
  2. When the contact appears, under "Remove nickname," tap Done Done.


This feature is only available for Android devices with the Google app language set to English.

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