"This site may harm your computer" notification

Why am I seeing this message?

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You'll see the message "This site may harm your computer" when we think the website you're about to visit may allow programs to install malicious software on your computer.

What happens if I visit the site?

Malicious software can allow unwanted programs to steal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, slow down your computer, or change your search results. We recommend that you don't visit the website until this message disappears from the search result.

Tip: If you think a website has downloaded malicious software onto your computer, learn how to report malicious downloads and keep your device clean.

How to remove the message if you're the site's webmaster

The "This site may harm your computer" notification will not be removed until the webmaster of the site takes action.

Try these steps to fix your website:

  1. Register and verify your site in Google’s Webmaster Tools.
  2. Sign in to Webmaster Tools and check the "Security Issues" section to see details of sample URLs that may be infected. Fix the security issue that allowed your website to be infected. Otherwise, your site is likely to be reinfected.
  3. Read our resources for hacked sites for detailed information on how to fix your website.
  4. Request a review in the Security Issues section in Webmaster Tools when your entire website is clean and secure. After we determine your site is fixed, we'll remove the "This site may harm your computer" notification.

Need more help? Post a question in the Webmaster Help Forum where some Google Webmaster Tools experts can help you troubleshoot.

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