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Find images you can use & share

When you do a Google Search, you can filter your results to find images that offer licenses for reuse.

Important: Images might be subject to copyright. Learn how to find content you can reuse below.

Review the license & terms of reuse

Before you reuse content, make sure that its license is legitimate and check the exact terms of reuse. For example, the license might require that you give credit to the image creator when you use the image.

We recommend that you:

  • Use the "Usage rights" filter to find images that have license information attached to them. Google filters images by license based on information provided by the sites that host those images, or the image provider.
  • Always confirm an image's license information. You can follow the "License details" link and review it for accuracy with both the license's provider and the image's host site.

Find images with info available on how to reuse them

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to
  2. Search for an image.
  3. To narrow results to images with available license info, under the search box, tap Filter Filter and then Usage rights and then a type of license.
  4. Tap the image you want.
  5. To find info on how to license and use the image, below the image, tap License details.

Share an image

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to
  2. Search for an image.
  3. At the top right, tap More More and then Share Share.

Types of usage rights

For each “Usage rights” filter, you can limit results to images that have license details attached, which include how you can license and use an image.

To find license details: Select an image, then below the image, select License details. We recommend that you always review the licensing requirements of any images you want to use.

  • Creative Commons licenses: These images are usually available at no charge to use, but require credit. They may also have limitations on how, or in what context, you can use them. For example, an image’s license might state that you can’t modify it or use it for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial or other licenses: These images have non-Creative Commons licenses and can be from either sites available at no charge or commercial sites that require payment.

How usage rights work

Usage rights help you find content that you can use beyond fair use. Site owners can use licenses to let you know if and how you can reuse content from their sites.

Report incorrect usage rights

For complaints about misuse of your copyright, review the copyright infringement notification requirements or file a complaint.


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