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Actualmente, a páxina que solicitaches non está dispoñible no teu idioma. Coa barra de tradución integrada de Google Chrome, podes seleccionar un idioma diferente na parte inferior da páxina ou traducir de maneira instantánea calquera páxina web ao idioma que escollas.

Use the feed in the Google app

You can use the feed in the Google app to get information about your interests without searching for them. For example, you can get updates from news sites or your favorite sports teams.

See your feed

You can see your feed a few different ways:

  • In the Google app Google .
  • If you have a Pixel, Nexus or Google Play edition device, swipe right from your device's Home screen.

Choose what shows up in your feed

You can change your settings to let Google know what types of updates you want to see in your feed. Learn how to customize your feed in the Google app.

How Google decides what shows up in your feed

To know what to show in your feed, Google uses information from your device and from other Google products.

Google also uses data that's stored in your Google Account. This data is based on settings you can change or turn on or off. These settings may include:

  • Web & App Activity
  • Device Information (For Google to use this information, you need to have Web & App Activity turned on.)
  • Location History (For Google to use this information, you need to have Web & App Activity turned on.)
  • Location settings: Some updates in your feed are shown based on your home location. If your home location isn't available, Google may use your work location or your device's current location. Learn how to set your home and work locations.

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