Mobile search tips

To get to Google Search, type in your device’s browser, like Chrome or Safari.

Get to Google faster and and use additional features with the Google Search app. Download the app on your Android, iOS, or Windows 8 device.


  • Search by voice: Touch the microphone icon and then speak your search.
  • Local results: Get local information without having to type a location in the search box, turn on Precise Location. You can always add a U.S. zip code or the name of any city in the world along with your search to get results in that location. 
  • Find your previous searches: With Web History turned on, you can get more relevant search results based on searches you've done in the past. You can also look through your previous searches to quickly find information you searched for before.
  • Quick answers: Get fast facts and answers right on the results page. Try typing weather, movies, or a stock ticker symbol like GOOG.
  • Find certain types of results: Use the bar above the search results to filter results by categories like Images, Videos or News. Touch More to see other categories.
  • Filter your results: Touch More > Search Tools to choose tools that work for your search like: Time, Source, and Color.
  • See content instantly: When you see the Quick view label beside a search result, touch Quick view or the result link to immediately see the content of the webpage.

Some of these features might not be available for all languages. Also, some features are currently only available on Android 2.3+ and iOS5+ devices, and newer versions of Blackberry and Windows.