Keyboard shortcuts for search

When you search with  Google Instant turned on, not only do you see results as you type, but you can also navigate your search results quickly using keyboard shortcuts. Let’s say you need a new coffee table, so you start searching for coffee t. When the predictive text for coffee table appears, press Tab to complete the query, then Enter, then Tab to select the first result. Use the up arrow and down arrow keys to jump from result to result and then press Enter to open the webpage of the result you’ve selected.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts for when you're typing in the search box:

  • Enter will search for exactly what you typed in the search box.
  • Tab will update the query you’ve typed to match the first prediction.
  • Down arrow will highlight the next predicted query and show new results.
  • Down arrow then Enter will search for the highlighted prediction then a little arrow focuses on the first result on the page.
  • Down arrow then right arrow will take you to the webpage of your first result just like the "I’m Feeling Lucky" link.

Shortcuts for navigating through results:

  • Enter then Tab will select the first result. See the little arrow appear next to the result you’ve highlighted. Press Enter to open the first webpage or use the up arrow and down arrow to select other results.
  • After selecting a result (see bullet above), continually press Tab to highlight various links and features within a selected result.

Keep searching from anywhere on the page

After performing a search and scanning the results, you may want to add on to your query or erase it completely and start over. With Google Instant, you’re able to refine your search without having to move up and down the page. You can delete your query or add on another word or two by following this one rule: just keep typing. Even if your cursor is no longer in the search box, just press backspace or continue to type and the page will refocus to the search box at the top and start showing you new results. 

Imagine that you’re interested in doing a triathlon sometime in the next few months. You do a search for triathlon and see a wide variety of information from upcoming races to training programs for beginners. You know that you’re looking to start off with a sprint triathlon and would like to see more results related to that type of competition. Even though you scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the results page when you first looked at the results, you don’t need to you scroll back up to change your query. Just start typing sprint and the results for triathlon sprint will appear.

Did you know that with Google Instant, you can "feel lucky" all the time? When you move your mouse over any predicted query shown below the search box, an I’m Feeling Lucky link appears to the right. By clicking that link, you’ll go directly to the webpage of the first result.