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Accessibility in Google Search

After you search, the search results page is organized so that you can easily navigate it with assistive technology, like screen readers and keyboard-only.

Accessibility links on search results pages

On a computer, you'll find 3 accessibility links at the top of a search results page: Skip to main content, Accessibility help, and Accessibility feedback.

  • With a keyboard: Press the Tab key until you reach the link you want. Then press the Enter key.
  • With a screen reader: Use your screen reader's quick navigation controls.

Skip to main content

The "Skip to main content" link goes to the first content item on the page. This can be a search result or an ad.

Accessibility help

The "Accessibility help" link opens this help article.

Accessibility feedback

The "Accessibility feedback" link opens a form that asks, "What feedback do you have for accessibility on Google Search?" Enter your feedback and select Send

Section headings

To help you navigate with a screen reader, the search results page has a hierarchy of section headings.


  • Heading level 1 (H1): Important areas of the page, like search results, ads, and how to get around
  • Heading level 2 (H2): Names of grouped results, like "Sports results" and "Videos"
  • Heading level 3 (H3): Individual search result titles and ad titles, and also names of grouped results inside bigger groups of results

Phones & tablets

  • Heading level 1 (H1): The Google logo and a link named "Google" that points to the Google homepage
  • Heading level 2 (H2): The first H2 heading is search results; the second is ads
  • Heading level 3 (H3): Individual search result titles and ad titles

Accessibility in Google products

To discover new solutions, share tips on using Google services, and discuss accessibility issues with fellow Google users:


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