Virtual Keyboard

With virtual keyboard, you can enter the precise search terms you want, regardless of the language keys. The virtual keyboard can be helpful for people who use one of the many non-Latin script-based languages that require special characters such as Arabic, Greek, and Thai.

Where to find the keyboard

Click the Keyboard icon icon next to your Google search bar to use the on-screen keyboard. Note that it is only available for certain languages that require special characters.

Here's an example keyboard in Russian:

Virtual keyboard

How to use the keyboard:

  1. On any Google search page, click the keyboard icon next to the search bar to turn on the virtual keyboard:

    Keyboard icon next to Google search bar

  2. Click the characters on the virtual keyboard to enter your search terms.

    You can also type using your physical keyboard, and the corresponding key on the virtual keyboard will be typed in the search box rather than the character shown on your physical keyboard. (Note that not all keyboards are currently compatible with this feature. If your physical keyboard will not sync with the virtual keyboard, please click the characters using your mouse.)

  3. When you're done typing, click the Search button, or hit the Enter key on your physical keyboard to perform the search.


  • If you're looking for special characters and don't see them on the on-screen keyboard, try pressing the virtual keyboard's Alt+Ctrl and "up arrow" keys to see more characters.

  • You can move the keyboard to any position within your browser window. Simply click the blue bar at the top of the keyboard and drag the keyboard to another position.