Location settings (iOS app)

Once you start typing a search query, the Google Search app will automatically show relevant business results near your current approximate location. With Precise Location turned on, searches like pizza or book store will automatically return local results without you having to specify your location. This means more relevant results with less typing. You can, of course, still search for local results in another location by including the location in your search query like sushi new york ny.

Turn Precise Location on or off

  1. On the bottom of any search results page, touch Search Settings.
  2. Under “Precise Location,” select Use precise locations from my device or Do not allow.
  3. Touch Save.

Even with Precise Location turned off, Google will still use an approximate location of your phone if your device’s Location services are on. To change your device’s location settings, go to Settings on your iOS device > Privacy > Location Services > ON or OFF. Note: The Location Services setting might be under General in Settings for some iOS devices.