Search for pictures with Google Goggles

You can do a Google search by taking a picture with your phone. If Google recognizes the image in your photo, the search results will tell you about what's in the photo. For example, if you take a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Goggles app can tell you more about the bridge.

Tips for searching

  • Goggles works best with these types of pictures:
    • Books & DVDs
    • Landmarks
    • Barcodes & QR codes
    • Logos
    • Contact information
    • Artwork
    • Businesses
    • Products
    • Text
  • Horizontal pictures work better than vertical ones

Automatically search for photos

If you turn on the "Search from Camera" setting, any pictures you take will be automatically analyzed. If Goggles recognizes the image in a photograph, you’ll see the search results in the app's status bar.

Note: Each Google Goggles search uses mobile data. If you search for every picture that you take, you may use a lot of mobile data.

Translate text with Goggles

When you take photos of text, Goggles will try to recognize the words and translate them. If Goggles recognizes the text, it will show the translation on your screen.

Goggles settings


If you have Location History or Location Reporting turned on, Goggles will use your location to improve your search results. You can use Goggles without providing your location, but you may get fewer search results.

Search History

Goggles Search History is no longer recorded. All previous history was migrated to your Web & App Activity page.


Goggles is available on Android devices running Android 2.2+.