Search for pictures with Google Goggles

You can do a Google search by taking a picture with your device using the Google Goggles app.

How to search for an image

  1. Open the Google Goggles app.
  2. Point your camera in the direction of the item you want to search for.
  3. Touch the photo icon.
  4. If Google recognizes the image in your photo, the search results will tell you about what's in the photo.

Tip: Horizontal photos work better than vertical ones.


Save images to gallery

Check the box next to "Save images to gallery" if you want the images you search for in the Google Goggles app to be added to your device's photos.

Search from camera

When this setting is on, the Google Goggles app will automatically analyze any photos you take with your device's Camera app.

If the image in your photo is recognized, you’ll see the search results in the app's status bar.

Note: Searches for your photos use your device's mobile data. To limit how much data you use, change the "Mobile connection" setting to only search over WiFi.

App availability

Google Goggles is available on Android devices running Android 2.2+.

Google Goggles isn't available for iPhone or Pad.

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