Update your location on mobile

Get better results for your current location with Precise Location turned on. For example, if you're traveling in Barcelona, you can search for [restaurants] on your phone to see restaurants near you.

Step 1: Turn Precise Location on

Precise Location is turned on by default, so if you haven't changed this setting before, you can skip this step. 

  1. Visit the Search Settings page.
  2. In the “Precise Location” section, select Use new precise locations from my device.
  3. Touch Save at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Update your current location

  1. Turn Precise Location on using the steps above.
  2. Visit google.com.
  3. If you’re prompted to allow www.google.com to use your current location, touch OK.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the location that Google has for you.
    • If you see a blue dot next to your location, your location was updated recently. However, you can update this at any time by touching Update.
    • If you see a gray dot, your location has not been updated recently. Touch Use precise location or Update.

If the location that Google detects for you is incorrect, add the name of the location to your search. For example, search [pizza naples] to find pizza restaurants near Naples.

"Location unavailable" or "Location unknown" error

If you haven’t allowed your phone, browser, or app to share your location with Google, you may see "location unavailable" or "unknown."

Turn Recent Locations on or off

If your current location is unavailable, you can still get relevant local search results and ads based on your Recent Locations.

  1. Visit the Search Settings page.
  2. In the "Recent Locations" section, select Save recent locations to turn on and Do not save to turn off.
  3. Touch Clear to delete any Recent Locations that have already been saved.
  4. Touch Save at the bottom of the page.

If Recent Locations is turned off, recent locations you accessed your Google Account from won’t be used to provide relevant local results.

Information saved when you share your location

Depending on your search and your location, the information saved may be different. Saved information may include country, region, city, address, place, or GPS location.

How location is detected when you don’t share your location

If Precise Location and Location History are turned off, you may still see results based on your IP address and recent locations that you've searched for.