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Remove web results from Google Search

Google lists a variety of content in response to searches, including web results which are links to content from the open web. This article explains how you might be able to remove web results if you manage the website that hosts the content or the content on the web is about you.

For creators & site owners

To quickly and temporarily block Google search results from your site, you can use the Removals tool. Learn how to use the Search Console removals tool.

To permanently remove information from your own site and Google search results, follow the steps to remove information on your website from Google.

If you recently updated a page on your site, you can request that Google re-index your page to reflect the latest information. Learn how to ask Google to recrawl your URLs.

For questions about removing info hosted on your site from Google search results, please review the Removing information from Google search results FAQ.

For others

If content about you is no longer on the website that Google Search results list, you can use the Refresh outdated content tool to let us know and it will be updated in Google search results. Learn how to Refresh outdated content.

If content about you is still on the website that Google search results list, we might still remove it from Google search results in the specific circumstances. Learn about the content Google will remove from search results.

Request to remove content for legal reasons

If you believe there’s a legal reason to remove content from Google search results, you can report content for legal reasons.

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