How do I upload images from Photobucket to my Slideshow?

  1. Sign into
  2. Click on 'Make a Slideshow' if you want to create a Slideshow from scratch
  3. Click on your display name at the top if you want to add images to an existing Slideshow
  4. a) Find the item you would like to edit from the 'Slideshow' list

    b) Hover your mouse over the 'Options' link at the far right

    c) Select the 'Edit' option from the list Click on the 'Photobucket' tab

  5. Enter your Photobucket Screen Name and click on 'Get my images'. (You will be prompted to sign in to your Photobucket account. Don't worry - we don't store your login info.)
  6. A list of your Photobucket images will be automatically added to your Slideshow
  7. Choose what Style and Theme you want to use, add captions, and then press the green 'Save' button when you are done
* Note - If you have your photos arranged in albums on your Photobucket account, they will be displayed individually. However, if your photos are not arranged in albums, you will only have the choice to upload all of them. Therefore, we suggest creating an album with the photos you want to upload to your Slideshow prior to adding your images from your Photobucket account to your Slideshow.

If the Slideshow was already on your profile, it will automatically update with the changes you've made after a few minutes.