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Listen to podcasts with Android Auto

You can listen to podcasts through your phone or car speakers with Android Auto. To find the Google Podcasts app, select the app launcher App Launcher.

Make sure you're signed in to the Google Podcasts app on your phone.

Listen to podcasts with Google Podcasts

Important: Use your phone to manage your podcasts, and to find, download, and queue episodes for your trip.

Find & play a podcast

  1. On your display, select the app launcher App Launcher  And then Google Podcasts Google podcasts.
  2. Choose from the following:
    • New episodes: new episodes from your subscriptions
    • Your queue: episodes in your queue
    • Downloads: episodes downloaded to your device
    • History: episodes you have in progress or completed
    • Subscriptions: podcasts you subscribe to
    • Explore: personalized episode recommendations
  3. Select an episode.

Play a podcast with voice commands

  1. Say "Ok Google" or select the microphone Microphone.
  2. Say a command like:
    • "Listen to [podcast name]."
    • "Play [podcast name]."
    • "Listen to the latest episode of [podcast name]."
    • "Listen to a comedy podcast."

Find your subscriptions

  1. On your display, select the app launcher App Launcher And then Google Podcasts Google podcasts.
  2. Select Subscriptions
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