Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine statistics data

About this data

It changes rapidly and may differ by location

This data changes rapidly and might not reflect doses still being reported. Some areas may not have data because they haven’t published their data or haven’t done so recently. Because data availability differs by location, 7-day averages may be calculated on different dates.

It only has full vaccination totals in some locations

Where data for full vaccinations is available, it shows how many people have received at least 1 dose and how many people have been fully vaccinated (which may require more than 1 dose).

Where data for full vaccinations isn't available, the data shows the total number of vaccine doses given to people. Since some vaccines require more than 1 dose, the number of fully vaccinated people is likely lower.

It’s constantly updated from resources around the world

Data comes from government health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other authoritative sources, as attributed.

It may differ from other sites & sources

Many sources track and aggregate COVID-19 vaccine data. They update at different times and may gather data in different ways.

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